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Hello! And welcome to another round of Trick Or Treat. Or maybe it's your first one, in which case I hope you have a great time and get an amazing gift. I know I'm going to love whatever you create for me, because I am super easy to please.

I don't have a preference for tricks versus treats, so if you're feeling one or the other more, go for it. I'm a sucker for the fluffiest fluff, but I also love ghost stories and horror movies and I have very few squicks, so honestly I'm pretty easy. I'm going to throw out some prompts below, but if you want to ignore them completely and go in a totally different direction, obviously I am more than okay with that.

My only hard DNWs are incest, infidelity, animal harm, and genderswap.

I am carolinecrane on AO3, LJ, and tumblr, and, of course, DW. I haven't done much (any) social media-ing this summer, but you can still find me in all those places.


Characters: Any (Marnie Piper, Dylan Piper, Aggie Cromwell, Luke, Ethan Dalloway)

This is my perennial Trick Or Treat fandom, for what are probably obvious reasons. It's a whole movie series about Halloween! It's perfect.

The tricks and treats in this fandom are kind of interchangable, given the setting. I nominated a handful of characters, but please don't feel like you're restricted to just those. I love this whole universe (yes, even the fourth movie) and would love an exploration of any part of the world. I have a fondness for Marnie/Luke and Ethan/Dylan, but please don't feel obligated to include those (or any) ships in whatever you create. If you're interested in pure worldbuilding, I'd love to discover more about Halloweentown in general, or any of the minor characters we know from existing canon.

-- Tell me about the local haunted house! Is it terrifying, or do the ghosts invite you in for tea? Is it like a ghost boarding house or is it one ghost per creepy old mansion?

-- Or maybe there's a ghost stuck in some creepy old mansion in the human world who can't figure out how to get back to Halloweentown. Who would mount a rescue? Is there some kind of Monster Rescue Squad?

-- Are monsters still crossing over into the human world to celebrate Halloween? Do they want to scare kids, or are they just trying to pick up their favorite brand of toothpaste at the CVS? Do vampires need toothpaste? What about werewolves?

-- Does Marnie grow up to take her own kids trick-or-treating in the human world? What does her mom think of her grandkids being raised in Halloweentown?

Hot Fuzz

Characters: Danny Butterman, Nicholas Angel

This is my favorite of the Cornetto Trilogy films, because I love how sweet Danny is, and how impressed he is with Nick. I love the way Nicholas sort of reluctantly falls in love with Danny, and with the entire village. Because he really does, whether you see their relationship as platonic or romantic. (I am 1000% okay with romantic, but if you're not, I understand.) I love their friendship and I love the way the village acts as a character in itself. I want to know everything about Nick's life now that he's settled down. Does his cottage every get finished? Does he just move in with Danny and nurse him back to health? Does the pub ever reopen?

-- There's a ghost up at the castle! Is it friendly and mischievious, or is it one of the Neighborhood Watch's victims, bent on revenge?

-- What if there was a power outage in the village? Is Danny afraid of the dark? Does he use it as an excuse to stick close to Nicholas? And is it going to interfere with their plans to go to the pub?

-- I love love LOVE hudding for warmth fic, so if you just want to write something sweet and couple-y, that's a trope I can always get behind.

-- I also love h/c, and there's plenty of opportunity in this fandom. I like to imagine Nicholas mother-henning Danny after he gets home from hospital, whether because he feels guilty or because he's just realized he nearly lost the love of his life.

The Sandlot

Characters: Benny Rodriguez, Scotty Smalls

Benny and Smalls! Childhood best friends who stay together into adulthood. I mean, I ship it like FedEx, so feel free to go there. If you'd rather focus on the gang being friends, that's fine too. I only nominated Benny and Smalls because they're my favorites, but if you want to write about any of the other guys I'm fine with that.

-- Do they all hang out in the treehouse telling ghost stories? Are they scary or hilarious?

-- Halloween pranks! Do they t.p. each other's houses? Or maybe the houses of their mortal enemies? Do they get caught?

-- Does Benny ever come up with a Halloween costume that isn't a baseball player?

-- First kisses, high school graduation, college AU, Benny's first day in the Majors, high school reunion.

Harry Potter

Characters: Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnegan

The thing I love about Dean and Seamus is how they stand by each other, even when they're not necessarily on the same side. They stayed friends even through Seamus' rift with Harry, and the first thing Seamus does when Dean reappears at Hogwarts in Deathly Hallows is grab him and squeeze him as hard as he can. JKR herself said somewhere that the British don't hug their friends, so I'm going to go ahead and take that to mean Dean/Seamus is canon.

I also love how Seamus is a tiny elf and Dean is basically a giant. Size kink ftw.

-- There's loads of angst to explore from book seven. Seamus was being tortured while Dean was being hunted. How did they deal with that?

-- If you're in the mood for fluff, I love being immersed in the universe JKR created. Hanging out in the common room in Gryffindor Tower, or playing pick-up Quidditch with Seamus' cousins, or post-canon picking up the pieces after the war.

-- Spells gone awry; does Seamus blow up something hilariously, or are the results more dark? Love potion gone wrong? Accidental summoning of some creature of the deep? Does Hagrid have to get involved?

-- We know Dean and Seamus got together during holidays. What kind of cultural differences reared their heads? Muggle vs. Wizard? Irish vs British? Elf vs. Giant?


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