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Hello! And welcome to another round of Trick Or Treat. Or maybe it's your first one, in which case I hope you have a great time and get an amazing gift. I know I'm going to love whatever you create for me, because I am super easy to please.

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For posterity, here’s what i wrote for Yuletide. Seven fics in total in seven different fandoms. (I wish every single one of them was better, but that’s life, I suppose.)

The Color and the Noise, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Taylor/Doug, NC17. If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

The Stubborn Witness Of the Everyday, Big Eden, Pike/Henry, NC17. Henry’s not known for his portraits.

I’ll Be the One, But I’m a Cheerleader, Megan/Graham, PG. The road to happily ever after, with a few new firsts along the way.

Adnascentia, Creep, Aaron/Josef, R. Aaron's got a dozen different excuses for why he went to the park to meet Josef, but all they are is excuses.

Plan B, Ice Princess, Gen/Ann, PG. Gen walked away from her Plan A. Ann's Plan A just didn't work out, but Plan B's not always such a bad thing.

Playing Chess With Fate, Parks and Recreation, Sonia Knope-Wyatt/Oliver Traeger-Perkins, PG. The thing about destiny is that it's inescapable. Even if it means admitting your mom might have been right all along.

And Your Moonlight Too, Veritas: The Quest, Solomon/Vincent, PG. Above all, always come up with a believable cover story.

Rambling about the fics I wrote under the cut, for your ignoring pleasure. )

And the gifts I got, which I bragged about on tumblr but forgot to crosspost here:

The Bridge Of Souls by Damkianna. Veritas: The Quest, Calvin/Nikko, PG. "Yeah, yeah, yeah," Nikko said, interrupting. "Don't go off alone, don't fall in any pits, don't touch anything that looks like it could kill you, don't touch anything that doesn't look like it could kill you because it probably could anyway." Post-finale trope bingo: Nikko and Cal get kidnapped, huddle for warmth, form a soulbond, and discover they're sort of into each other and also can maybe save the world.

Textual Poaching by Eisoj5. Redshirts, Andy/Jimmy, PG. "You think Andy is the main character," Jenkins said.

Both are loaded with all my favorite tropes, perfectly in character, clever, and best of all, long. If you haven't read them yet, give them a try. You won't be sorry.
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Hello Trick or Treat Writer! I am so happy this exchange is running again. I listed some of the things I love best about my requested fandoms in my sign-up, but if you want to know more, you have come to the right place.

Way too much information under the cut. )Above all, have fun! Whatever you come up with will be wonderful. I love fic and art equally, so go nuts. I promise it will be greatly appreciated.
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Hello! I am very excited for another Yuletide season, and I hope you are as well. I've been mostly out of fandom this year, but not participating in YT at this point would feel too much like skipping Christmas, so here I am.

Thank you very much in advance for writing for me! I hope you have a lot of fun and don't stress at all, because I am honestly pretty easy to please.

Things I love: friends to lovers, fluff, fluffy smut, regular smut, Christmas cheer, soulbonding, huddling for warmth, trapped together, wing fic, cuddling, kissing, plot, AUs, crossovers, long fic. (I also enjoy shorter fic, but I am definitely not someone who won't read 20K and squee over every word, if that's your inclination.)

Things I don't love: Incest, BDSM, a/b/o, character death, breakup fic, the 'always a boy/girl' branch of genderswap ('woke up in the wrong body' is totally cool, however). I also have this weird aversion to blood coming out of people's eyes (long RL medical story) which probably wouldn't feature in any of these fandoms, but there it is all the same.

If you want to look at previous years' letters/likes/dislikes, you can find them on my LJ tag here.

I am also carolinecrane on AO3, LJ, and tumblr.

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I had such a good hair day yesterday. I looked like an extra from Bletchley Circle, all soft and lovely curls and it was very classic. Today I look a bit like an extra from Heidi who's suffering from manual dexterity issues. Ah, well. Can't win 'em all!

I have been neglecting the handful of friendships I have left post-fandom, and I apologize for that. It's been a rough start to 2014, which isn't an excuse, but it is the reason. In January my dad had a heart attack; he's recovering very well, but it was scary in the way it is when you get a stark reminder that your parents aren't infallible and won't actually be around forever. I'm tired of my family members trying to die, myself included.

Apparently the latest snowpocalypse is headed for us, though I'm at work anyway because I can't afford the vacation time to stay home. So they'll let us go too late and the drive home will be treacherous and I'll have to play driveway roulette, just like last time. It's my favorite game. Hopefully they'll let us stay home tomorrow, at least. It's hard to say, because we're right on the edge of the storm's path, so it might not be that bad. We have so many hills here, though, and they don't treat any of the side roads, so driving in the snow is just asking for trouble.

What I have learned from this terrible, horrible, colder than reasonable winter is that maybe I am past the point in my life where I am willing to move back up to the snowy north after all. I keep dreaming of tropical beaches and the ocean. Also it would be nice to be closer to my parents when they have health issues to deal with. And hey, Florida's a swing state. My vote would count there, at least.

That said, I am not going anywhere any time soon, because I am kind of stuck here for various reasons, so it doesn't really matter. I really just want it to get warmer so I can walk my dog longer and she can stop driving me crazy.
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Fandom stockings are live now, and I wrote two fics:

(Don't) Blame It On the Moonlight, Veritas, Calvin/Nikko, PG13-ish, I guess, 3150 words.

In which Nikko isn't sure where he stands with Calvin, but he thinks his father might actually be a clone. A remix of tommygirl's adorable Solomon-centric ficlet, Blame It On the Drugs.

The Space Between, Harry Potter, Creevey-centric gen, G, 1385 words.

Colin and Dennis Creevey grew up braver and stronger than their stature would ever have suggested, and their father wouldn't have traded them for the world.

The HP fic was angstier than I intended, especially considering it's a gift, but it's post-canon, so. The Veritas fic was really fun to write, and I hope my recipient enjoys it when she sees it. She said she was okay with remixes, but I think I got a bit carried away.

Anyway. Thus endeth my fannish participation until next Yuletide, probably. It was fun while it lasted.
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I started a Criminal Minds fic for fandom_stocking and halfway through realized that I'd conflated the stockings of two different people, and the person I was writing for doesn't actually exist. I was kind of fond of the premise, too. Oh, well. Instead I spent most of my work day writing something else for fandom_stocking. The longer reveals are delayed, the more I wish there were fandoms I know better this year. I'd like to write more, but there's just not that much that I'm up to being requested.
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This year I wrote four fics in four different fandoms for Yuletide. It was a bit of a struggle, ngl, mainly because I haven't written *anything* in so long that I wasn't sure I remembered how.

Yuletide: Fics Wot I Wrote )
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Guys, I got the greatest Yuletide gifts this year! I have been gifted with not one, but TWO wonderful, meaty, LONG Halloweentown fics. I feel so spoiled, you don't even know. So I'm going to talk about them here, and then you should go read them, because they're wonderful and they deserve so much more love.

Trick RSVP Treat, Halloweentown, Marnie Piper/Luke, 12,090 words. When Luke accidentally proposes, he's stunned by Marnie's acceptance...and even more stunned by the work required to hold a Cromwell wedding.

Oh, this fic. It's so lovely, from the descriptions of Marnie and Luke's house to the wonderful characterization. It's told from Luke's POV, and captures perfectly exactly why it's always been Marnie for him. It's the fic I never knew I needed. Plus there's a delightful hint of Dylan/Ethan, and I'm never going to say no to that.

Mortal Jeopardy, Halloweentown, Ethan Dalloway/Dylan Piper, 10,786 words. Marnie's studying abroad, so this Halloween, it's up to Dylan and Ethan to save Halloweentown.

An adventure-filled and adorable romp through both Halloweentown, and Dylan's sad lack of a social life. Dylan/Ethan has always been kind of a back of the mind, 'what if' pairing for me when I happen to watch the third or fourth movies, but this fic has cemented them solidly in my mind as a fantastic idea. I love the idea, and the way they get together here is really fun. Plus there's a hint of Marnie/Aneesa (+Amazons!) femslash that I adore.

And under the cut are recs for six more stories I've enjoyed in the archive. )

Those are my favorites out of what I've read so far. There may be more as I keep poring through the archive. I still have a lot of reading to do.
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And so we reach the final day of our calendar. It's been a quick Christmas season this year, but I hope a pleasant one for all of you. On this Christmas Eve I leave you with Peter, Paul and Mary's charming rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Of course, everything they do is charming, so that's no surprise.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas to all of you celebrating, and to all of you who aren't. The Yuletide archive opens tomorrow, and there are lots of fun fics posted this year. I can't wait to read them.
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More New Year's music! I really love this one. It's another Lea DeLaria track.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve
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I have been busy baking up a storm today and I'm just now getting around to this. Sorry!

Since we're reaching the end of this year's calendar (oh God I have so much to do before Christmas Eve) let's turn our focus to some new year's songs. It's tradition! Today I have a new version of Auld Lang Syne courtesy of Colbie Caillat. I think it's a really lovely version; hopefully you will too.

Auld Lang Syne
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Today's featured artist is Mary J. Blige, with three tracks off her new Christmas album, "A Mary Christmas". See what she did there? Charming!

Mary, Did You Know?
Petit Papa Noel
The First Noel (f/The Clark Sisters)
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Day 20 already! I'm freaking out a little about all the things I need to do before Christmas. So business as usual, then.

Today we revisit the acapella world for a few tracks from Pentatonix, aka the season 3 winners of The Sing-Off. They put out a Christmas EP this year, and some of you may have already heard their version of "The Little Drummer Boy", which has been floating around the interwebs.

The whole EP is great -- well, I'm not a huge fan of their version of "Angels We Have Heard On High" -- but the tracks I'm posting today are the ones that I enjoy most. I have a weakness for "Go Tell It On the Mountain" especially.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel
Carol Of the Bells
Go Tell It On the Mountain
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To wrap up our little run of Motown classics, I've saved the very best* for last. These songs are fun and happy and get me in exactly the right mood to enjoy the holidays, no matter how far behind I am with preparations, or how stressed I get. Plus, the vocals are always amazing.

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town
The Christmas Song
Up On the House Top

* You may disagree that the Jackson 5 are the best, in which case I respectfully assert that your opinion is invalid. :)


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